The Top Paleo & Primal Recipes 
Shared with FastPaleo in 2013

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The 100 Absolute Best Paleo and Primal Recipes of 2013 from Paleo Bloggers and Enthusiasts From Around the World in One Great eCookbook

With over 4,500 paleo and primal recipes in our database, it's a challenge to pick the top ones. But we have done just that! Once again, we sorted through all of our recipes, and we've compiled what we believe to be some of the greatest paleo recipes on the web.

We put them all into a beautiful format, and are offering them to you in one easy to access ecookbook!

Of course all of these recipes are top-notch, easy to understand and to recreate!

Each one of these recipes features high-quality ingredients, and they are all tried and true by their creators and by many other paleo enthusiasts.

  • Get 100 of the very best paleo & primal recipes of the year
  • Enjoy fantastic recipes in 10 easy-to-navigate categories
  • Meet dozens of great paleo bloggers through blogger links and short bios
  • Scan easily for paleo and primal recipes—primal recipes are clearly marked
  • Love the ad-free, straight-forward layout

The FastPaleo Top 100 of 2013 is One of a Kind

The only one of its kind, this paleo community ecookbook features the recipes of amazing bloggers from around the world for the second year in a row. 

This is your chance to access their top recipes, websites and biographies. 

Hundreds of copies have sold last year, making the Top 100 one of the most popular paleo e-books around!

The FastPaleo Top 100 of 2013 Includes 10 Awesome Categories

  • Baked Goods
  • Beef
  • Breakfast
  • Chicken
  • Dessert
  • Seafood
  • Pork
  • Soups & Stews
  • Salads & Vegetables
  • Dips & Sauces

"Knowing I have recipes included among the hand picked top 100 of all recipes submitted to FastPaleo during 2013 is both humbling and an honor."

See what our contributors had to say:

"The success or failure of an annual event could probably be revealed by it's re-occurrence (or lack thereof). Therefor I was very happy (but not the slightest surprised) to see the FastPaleo Top100 of 2013 ebook being announced! The 2012 edition of the book was absolutely fantastic and, having seen so many great recipes being published on FastPaleo since then, I have no reason to expect anything less from this year's book. I have the deepest respect for the vision and ambition of FastPaleo, as well as the hard work I know James and Ute are putting in to making it what it is. So knowing I have recipes included among the hand picked top 100 of all recipes submitted to FastPaleo during 2013 is both humbling and an honor." Peter Hansson Strictly Paleo...ish
"The fastpaleo Top100 is one of my favorite cookbooks. I love its grassroots approach to cuisine, compiling the most delicious dishes from home chefs around the globe. I'm proud to be included among so many great recipes and voices within the Paleo community." Russ Crandall The Domestic Man
"Changing to a grain free diet can be overwhelming and feel so restrictive! Fast Paleo makes it soooo easy and delicious to eat this way! One of my favorite aspects of Fast Paleo is that it's not so dogmatic. It includes some recipes with dairy for those that tolerate it. I highly recommend this cookbook for everyone that wants to eat great grain free food!!! Thank you James and Ute for all your hard work putting this fantastic deal together!" Kate Criswell Kate's Healthy Cupboard
"One of the best aspects of the Paleo lifestyle is the community involvement and collaborative support, particularly the sharing of information and recipes. FastPaleo has been my go-to source of collective community recipes from the very beginning of my journey to new found health. Where else can you find such a collection of real food recipes from real Paleo foodies?? I am delighted to have been included in FastPaleo’s Top 100 of 2012 and to now be here again for the Top100 of 2013 is an honour! Thank you James and Ute for keeping the site fresh and bountiful and thank you for another great collection of awesome books. A MUST have for any cookbook collection!" Christina Lianos The Healthilinguist

"Having a variety of cooking styles and flavors in one book results in a unique perspective that should satisfy whatever healthy food mood your body craves!"

"I am so excited to be included in the second round of Fast Paleo’s Top 100! Fast Paleo has hand-selected their favorites recipes from a diverse group of passionate cooks over the past year and compiled this drool-worthy cookbook. Having a variety of cooking styles and flavors in one book results in a unique perspective that should satisfy whatever healthy food mood your body craves!" Michelle Fagone Cavegirl Cuisine
"Whether you're an experienced cook or just starting out in the kitchen, the FastPaleo Top 100 of 2013 is sure to become a go-to when you're looking for tried and true paleo or primal recipes. Even if you're not familiar with the paleo lifestyle but enjoy eating real, clean foods, you'll want to check it out. The delicious recipes in this collection of favorites will please paleo and non-paleo eaters alike, which makes them perfect for any meal or occasion. is not only a platform for sharing these recipes and so many more, but a community of generous, knowledgeable and supportive individuals that I am happy to have found." Nissa Primal Family Eats
"There is an unbelievable amount of value for the price with the Fast Paleo books. I have the top recipes of the year at my disposal. No need to search online for ideas, because they are right there. All the ingredients, inspiration, and directions you need. Not to mention that they all use real food. When my family gets caught in a food rut, it is simple to use the Fast Paleo top 100 of 2012, and the accompanying books, to menu plan and and add variety. It is well organized and easy to use. Put simply, it can help you stay on track, add variety and be inspired for a very reasonable price." Jennifer Eidahl Paleo Dieting
"The FastPaleo Top 100 of 2013 is a must have for anyone looking for a easy-to-follow, well thought out eCookbook that features recipes and desserts from the top Paleo bloggers on the web. I am so honored to have my recipes included in this latest edition and since starting my dessert blog, I have been able to see the true benefits of eating a Paleo diet as well as not having to give up one of life’s greatest pleasures! Thanks to FastPaleo for not only sharing my dessert recipes but for also taking the time to compile all of the best Paleo recipes and making them available in an easy, user friendly format." Adriana Living Healthy with Chocolate

Bonus #1 Top 10 Cookies

Top 10 Cookie Recipes Shared with FastPaleo in 2013 including...
  • Paleo Mint Chocolate Cookies
  • Apple Pie Thumbprint Cookies
  • Date Night Cookies
  • Paleo Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Coconut Cashew Cookies


Bonus #2 Top 10 Muffins

The Top 10 Muffin Recipes Shared with FastPaleo in 2013 including...
  • Summer Berry Muffins
  • Banana Nut Muffins
  • White and Dark Chocolate Candy Cups
  • Almond Apricot Muffins
  • Lemon Blueberry Nut Muffins


Bonus #3 Top 10 Ice Creams

The Top 10 Ice Cream Recipes Shared with FastPaleo in 2013 including...

  • Fig Pear Ice Cream
  • Lemon Ice Cream
  • Nutella Layered Ice Cream
  • Blackberry Swirl Coconut Ice Cream
  • Frozen Fudge Bars


Bonus #4 The Top 10 Beverages & Smoothies

The Top 10 Beverage & Smoothie Recipes Shared with FastPaleo in 2013 including...

  • Pumpkin Frappuccino
  • Raspberry Citrus Refresher
  • 21 DSD Kombucha Smoothie
  • Key Lime Pie Smoothie
  • Gingerbread Latte


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